Another Sea Aged Wine tank Comes off the production line in Jávea Spain

This Video is tasting wine aged for just 1 month in our on land patented sea ageing tanks. Amazing results.!!!! 

This is the same tasting but with another expert in the Spanish language.

1,000 Wine bottles are inside this tank.  Each bottle is surrounded by Mediterranean sea water at an exact temperature.

The Seawater inside the tank is clean and pure.

What is sea aged wine?  (Aged on land in our tanks)

The correct answer is. "The best wine you could ever taste".

That's because the wine has been aged by a method known as conduction. The bottles are surrounded in sea water for 1 to 12 months In a patented tank on land. With purified seawater inside the tanks surrounding the bottles.

This process matures the wine much faster than in a cellar. By ensuring the the wine has an even temperature around each bottle. Unlike in a cellar. That method is known as convection ageing. Where the bottle is surrounded by air. 

Our tanks mimic and improves on the conditions of the seabed. All on land  with the Mediterranean sea inside the tanks.

The water inside the tanks is cleaned an filtered. So you are assured that your bottle was Sea Aged in hygienic conditions. It wasn't just dumped in the sea.

In the tanks we can hold the correct temperature and pressure. Create under water currents and have complete darkness. Using Spanish Mediterranean seawater. No need for divers and boats. saving the environment.

The electric used for running of the tanks is environment saving, by solar electricity. To keep the exact temperature required by any wine.


How our tank works exactly is a secret. But how the wine tastes when you

open the bottle..... That's becoming legendary.!!

Our wine is not affect by under water pressure or contamination that exists in the open sea, therefore this is the only Sea Aged Wine allowed by the Federal government of the USA

Here you can see a bottle inside a vacuum wrap bag. This is customer desecration if used.

This stops salt build up on the bottle surface, even though we only use clean seawater in our tanks. Many people prefer not to have a bag cover.

Our product is unique and our patented tanks are what makes it that way.

We always want you to have the best product and complete enjoyment from drinking our wines.

Once you have tried them you will always prefer them to any others we are sure of this.

It is a taste you never forget. Staying with you and reminding you of those Mediterranean blue sky's and  warm summer nights...Enjoy!!!

Quality Red White and Rose wines can all be Sea Aged using the patented tanks.

Now featured on Spanish national TV news.

The TV cameras came to Javea to see the factory and where this all began.

Obviously this is very much becoming news worthy as the wine tastes so much better once it has been in the tanks.

The patented tanks control the temperature inside the water and this changes the wine.

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