Due to the demand we now have CAVA.

We have our very own brand of CAVA. It is sea aged in our patented sea ageing tanks. This changes the Cava from  great to fantastic....!! Try it you will want more.


We will add to our store soon but if you cant wait order now... Just send an email and we will contact you. It is just €15.95 plus delivery per bottle.

Here you can see the bottle of Cava in its sea age tank ageing bag. This bag protects the bottle and the contents from any possible contamination from the seawater.

Once inside the sea age wine tank the bottle is submerged into seawater.

The water has already been purified and is clean of any pollutants. We then set the temperature of the seawater and allow the process of conduction ageing to take place.

Safety and high standards are our top priority.

We now have the best perfectly aged products. We have and can offer different tastes

You may like dry/Brut Cava or something sweeter/semi seco. What ever your taste you will find that once it has been sea aged in our tanks it is and has the WOW factor.

If you would like to buy this now please click here.

Sea Aged Wine:  Avenivda Augusta. Jávea 03730 Alicante. Spain Tel 0034 662 406 516  info@seaagedwine.com