We pride ourselves on inventing products that protect the environment.

That's why at Sea Aged Wine. We know that if you have a product it

should not harm the environment.

Here's an example of how we have come up with improving wine

which is sea aged without having to ruin the undersea environment or

even harm the creatures that live there.

Ageing wine in the Sea. V Ageing wine in our sea water on land tanks.

1. Dumping thousands of wine bottles in cages onto sea creatures homes kills the 

environment it was put into. The same environment that makes the wine so special.


Tank ageing doesn't need to be in the sea killing the marine environment. We use the

seawater on land in our tanks.


2. Carbon footprint. Using large diesel guzzling ships just to drop the damaging cages

onto sea creatures homes has a large unnecessary carbon footprint. And the disturbance

of divers and associated equipment.


The footprint of our tank ageing is minimal and is achieved on land. We do not need to

disturb the delicate ecosystems of under the sea life.


3. Contamination. It has been said that the bottles in the sea could be contaminated by

various pollutants in the sea including human waste and chemicals.


This could NEVER happen with our tanks. Sea water used in the tanks is clean and free

of contamination. It's cleaned, filtered and never comes into contact with pollution.


4. Pressure of water at too deep a depth below sea level can allow seepage into the

bottles. As the pressure can break metal seals and cause corks to shrink.

On land in tanks the pressure is equal. So no seepage can happen due to pressure on the corks or metal caps. Even though our water is pure sea water and free of contamination we still cover all bottles in plastic reusable sealed bags.

5. Temperature. Ageing wine in bottles covered in water is known as conduction ageing.

Temperatures on the sea bed can often change dramatically and quickly. Having an affect on the wine ageing in the bottle.

In our wine tanks we control the environment inside the tanks. We control the water

temperature and even the flow of water to move the bottles.

In addition water used in the tanks is replenished regular. The water that was used is then sent to the desalination plant in Javea. It is then used as drinking water. Saving the local environments water sources.


The running of the tanks for the pumping system and cooling/heating to maintain the correct ideal temperature is all by renewable solar energy from the solar panels on the roof of our warehouse.

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