Gold. Nothing says more than this card. Ideal if you entertain throw parties or just enjoy wine. This card gives you the maximum discount of 7.5% on purchases of wine and other products direct from Sea Aged wine and our affiliated partners.

This is perfect if you run a business such as a restaurant, bar, hotel, or just like entertaining. The membership is yearly and has minimum purchase targets.


Just £/€150 membership. Estimated savings of over £/€20,000 - 100,000 or more

Silver. This does not mean coming second. This is designed for the medium spending budget. Ideal if you run a business or have the occasional need to entertain for parties and gatherings. You will receive 5% discount on purchases.

The membership is yearly and has minimum purchase targets.

Just £/€115 membership. Estimated savings of over £/€10,000 - 50,000 or more

Bronze. Not coming third but a card membership to give the public a saving on our products and those offered by our affiliates. This is ideal for a small business,

self employed or a member of public. There is no minimum yearly spend/target required on this card. You will receive 2.5% discount on purchases. 

Just £/€90 membership per year. Savings will be 2.5% on your purchase.

On the reverse of every card is the membership number. To be valid you must sign your card. The expiry date will be printed when issued. Along with your name on the front. You must be over 18 years of age to have this card proof is required.

The swipe strip is for use at our affiliates around the world where ever you see the Sea Aged Wine logo. Discounts only apply to products they indicate as on offer.

For the Gold and Silver cards a minimum yearly target applies. Details on request.

Please note: The card service doesn't start until April the 16th 2018. You can pre register now to avoid disappointment.

This is the best card membership available. It offers discounts on all purchases of wine, and other products from Sea Aged Wine. You will find offers on this page. Every purchase using the membership discount card will be awarded points. Points can be exchanged for gifts with the Sea Aged Wine logo/promotions. See below. Contact us for more details.

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The Sea Aged wine Cabinet display. This has real bottles of wine inside (Not sea aged). The display is ideal for any shop or restaurant.


With water inside and a bubble machine. It looks like the seabed and gets customers asking...Whats sea aged wine? It sells wine for you. It has blue backing lights which come on with the bubbler.

This can be purchased for just £/€395 plus delivery and local taxes. You can have your own company art work on the top front and sides.

You can also get this fantastic display FREE. Just use your points.

Almost all of our promotional products can be obtained FREE. Once you have enough points from your club membership. Choose the product and if you have enough points... Its FREE.

You might like to purchase a sign written Sea Aged Wine Jet. We dont

actually have one in stock.!! But if you wanted to buy one and advertise

our brand and logo we would be more than happy.

         However....You can win a FREE wine tasting in April on this jet.

These are some of our reward points and

purchases you can make from January.

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