Sea Aged Wine Distributors UK, Europe and Worldwide required. Own your own area on a 3 year renewable deal, from just €/£5,000 One off.!!!

Buy your chosen area(3 year deal) from just €/£5,000. Areas are defined by population and density. Starting areas are approximately 10-25 miles/KM radius from your base/home. We do envisage that you will earn €/£150K each year from an area. We age a variety of our own exclusive quality brands of wine. The Wines including Cava are aged in our Environment saving & friendly patented seawater ageing tanks on land.


We start you off with a complete bundle of merchandise and SAMPLES. Your customers who become repeat business from day one, they include a range of Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, retailers and even the general public with our wine party plan...!! This really is a dream business for anyone who likes wine. No wine industry or expert knowledge required.


You can come and meet us here in Spain at our head office. Sampling the wines and get a great feeling for how fantastic the products are and how you can have a lifestyle which others will just dream of, in your chosen location. Your 2 year distributor package includes....


  • 400 Free bottles for sampling/tasting purposes.

  • All the point of sale material including your order forms & complete business stationary.

  • 10,000 information fliers. For your clients to have and the public.

  • Your own exclusive location website.

  • Several pull up banners for information which you can use at shopping centres or exhibitions. Also at shops and other clients who stock your wine. On your location you can have exhibition and tasting days. Where the public can sample the wine and even order.

  • We can arrange a branded seawater wine chillers for use in restaurants, bars and other establishments.

  • POS credit card facility for easy payment at events. And for at home party plan..

  • PLUS MUCH MORE....!!!


Set to be the biggest growth wine business, with it's unique patented way using on land Seawater ageing tanks with purified seawater inside. Our tanks are able to hold wine bottles in purified seawater at an exact temperature. This ensures that the wine is aged to perfection. Known as conduction ageing, the wine & Cava bottles stay in the tanks for 1 month (longer if required). Submersed in complete darkness in the purified Mediterranean sea water, this is equivalent to 6 months in the open seas. Our system unlike the open sea ageing doesn't harm the environment and has a very low carbon footprint.

The Wine & Cava after seawater ageing has now changed it’s taste for the better. That first taste you have stays with you forever, ageing in the tanks this way is safe and clean, so there is no contamination. We meet all the FDA rules in the USA and are the only sea aged wine allowed to be sold or consumed in the USA.

You can call on or have agents to call on for you, local restaurants, bars, vintners, supermarkets, shops, clubs etc. The area once established will provide mainly 95% repeat business. The product is unique and exclusive. The pricing is perfect and the rates you earn are very generous. You only need to carry a small amount of stock for tasting purposes and you don’t need the monthly expenses of a shop or office. Working from home is the key as orders can be delivered direct from us to your clients.

It really is a dream business with hours to suit you. You have your area for a 2 year period which is renewable. Initially you will receive 500 bottles of sea aged wine as samples. You could contact Wedding, Party and celebration Planners to supply them with an own label for the occasions, all fantastic avenues to create even more revenue.

Organised wine party plan with nibbles at peoples homes. All the guests get to try our unique sea aged Wine and Cava and then the orders start rolling in. Payments taken with our mobile credit card facility and deliveries made direct to clients from our warehouse. This pays you a commission on sales and orders are delivered direct to the purchasers.

Generate orders and hit the floor running after 2 free months. All you need to do is merchandise, take orders from the new clients you meet and enjoy repeat orders from them. You can employ agents to work for you on a commission basis, or simply work for yourself with a partner or friends.

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