It has been said that Sea Aged Wine is the best tasting wine.

Its also been said that for this greatness and difficulty in ageing the wine it costs too much money to buy. Only the very rich can afford or would pay for it.

Well we have changed everything. Using the patented sea aged wine tanks. We can now bring sea aged wine to everyone.

We have age categories.  


1 Month sea aged = a noticeable change in the taste

3 Month sea aged = a noticeable change and colour change

6 Month sea aged = a noticeable change and colour plus aroma

Here is the information label from the bottle. And this label below also is shown on all bottles. It verifies the months spent sea ageing.

    1 month sea aged €29.95 for a single bottle.

 Normally over €100 -€150 or much more so this is very special

This wine is already

7 year old cellar aged.

It is ideal as a gift or just anytime. For yourself or friends. Once drank you'll want more.!!


Will be sent out by courier.

To avoid disappointment order today.

All prices are per bottle and are bought direct from us as. Single or per case of 6 bottles.

Prices may vary if purchased in restaurants or selected retailers. Taxes in countries vary and are also beyond our control. Contact us for more information. 

And we can keep the temperatures at what ever is required to perfectly age wine... Heres a temperature guide to ageing. And ONLY the controlled temperatures in the patented tanks can do this... Not in the sea but in the tanks and not in a cellar.

Sea Aged Wine:  Avenivda Augusta. Jávea 03730 Alicante. Spain Tel 0034 662 406 516